Gettin’ codin’

Well, not exactly, but sort of… I finally got round to customising the blogroll plugin I got for WordPress. Not wanting to over-strain my coding muscles, I just put in a slightly fuzzier date system which reports the update as either “today”, “yesterday” or “n days ago”, giving the time of day as per usual. This is probably more use for me than most of the Viewing Public™, as I’ve currently not got a wonderful grasp of quite what day it is :-/ (Besides which, while the YYYY-mm-dd date format is useful, unambiguous and lexicographically sortable, it takes a little bit of thinking to work out just which day it’s talking about).

So – my first foray back into PHP for a couple of months (my last project being my College JCR site). With a bit of perseverance I can keep it going and get the Inkling framework coded.

We’ll see.

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