Hi. I’m David. I’m a programmer from Cambridge (the one in the UK, not the one in Massachusetts or any of the others).

I’ve kept a collection of the really old posts from this site, for the sake of not breaking the Web as much as anything else.

I wrote a CV mini-site back when I was looking for a job. I’ve since started working at Monzo, but you’re welcome to read it all the same.


  • My favourite Git commit

    I like Git commit messages. Used well, I think they’re one of the most powerful tools available to document a codebase over its lifetime. I’d like to illustrate that by showing you my favourite ever Git commit.

  • My brain, and how to help it

    I originally published this post internally for my colleagues at Monzo (hence the emoji). It seemed useful enough there that I figured it was worth publishing on my own site. I’ve very gently edited it to remove a couple of references that don’t mean much outside the company.

  • Being autistic

    On a Thursday last July, in a clinic just outside Cambridge, a psychologist sat down with me and confirmed that I have Asperger syndrome.

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