This is news?

Just a little something to tide you over until I next get around to posting:

I came along this story while browsing the BBC News website. As far as I can see, the story is this:

A group of people didn’t didn’t win the National Lottery (a.k.a. The Innumeracy Tax) because they didn’t buy a ticket with the winning numbers on it, due to the fact that the person they send didn’t have enough change.

Excuse me, is this meant to be some kind of revelation? Am I meant to be shocked and amazed at a group of people who failed to win the lottery? In fact, not only that, but one of them has come up with the wonderful quote:

“I don’t know what to do now, but I won’t let the matter rest.”

What, exactly, were you planning to do? Just about the only course of action I could think of would be to lynch the person who didn’t buy the right ticket, and that’s hardly sharing in the wonderful community spirit, is it?

I marvel at the stupidity of some people…

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