Hmm, upgrades

So, WordPress 1.5 (formerly WordPress 1.3, in an optimistic naming convention not entirely dissimilar to Sun’s Java 2, a.k.a. Java 1.2, and Java 5, a.k.a. Java 1.5) has been released, and I’ve installed it. As far as I can see there aren’t many major new features: most of the improvements seem to be in terms of modularity (the new themes system is rather elegant) and performance.

Upgrading was a moderately painless procedure, with WordPress’ allegedly famous 5-minute install not disappointing. I managed to port my page design over with an absolute minimum of fuss (with the help of a simple and helpful online guide. The only issues I’ve had have been with one or two of my plugins (spam-related) not co-operating entirely, so I’ve disabled them. Hopefully this won’t affect how much spam I get, but if it does I can always bolster my defences with a few new plugins.

In summary: good job guys, and bring on the next version!

2 Responses to “Hmm, upgrades”

    •  Gravatar for Ben
    • From Ben
    • Wednesday 16 February 2005 at 09:19

    It does seem to have eaten your “don’t remember my details” checkbox though…

    PhotoMatt did seem to suggest that WP1.5’s native spam busting was much improved, but who knows how long that will last.

    •  Gravatar for Jo
    • From Jo
    • Wednesday 16 February 2005 at 10:07

    Also, the reply box is larger than my screen width, giving me one of those annoying sideways scroll bar thingies.