Dear David Thompson,
Thank you for placing your Apple Store order. We are pleased to send you this order confirmation containing details of your order.

That is all 😀

7 Responses to “Announcement”

    •  Gravatar for jono
    • From jono
    • Saturday 7 May 2005 at 21:08


  1. win

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    • From Meri
    • Monday 9 May 2005 at 04:50


  2. Ok, so I’ve got one vote of jealousy and one vote of me being a gimp.

    I feel all loved now…

    •  Gravatar for jono
    • From jono
    • Monday 9 May 2005 at 11:12

    I had a bloke in work yesterday with his wife, asking about tiger. the wife loved their mac(g4 cube!) and he said that he hated macs. I almost slapped him.

  3. I’m hoping you took the slightly more sensible approach of attempting to convince him otherwise? Some variant on the “Mmmm, woo yay shiny!” approach I tend to employ when trying to persuade family members they want one.

  4. Mmmm, woo yay shiny!

    It’s nice to know your Cambridge education and years of studying English haven’t gone to waste 😀

    Seriously, though, I help it’s all you wanted, just don’t let it distract you from your work :)

    Good luck with it all.