Musical baton

Looks like Elly has sent me one of these musical baton jobbies, so here goes:

Total volume of music files on my computer:

Actually, I’m writing this post on my new iMac, so I don’t have a single music file on here: I’m whiling away the time before I can transfer my music over from my iPod (as I talked about in this post) by listening to the shared music of other people on the Queens’ network. On my other computer I’ve got about 6.5 gigs.

The last CD I bought was:

Kasabian by Kasabian.

Song playing right now:

Minor Thing by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

Seeing as the songs I listen to a lot tend just to be my most recent acquisitions, I’ll go for the meaningfulness criteria:

Five people to whom Iā€™m passing the baton:

I’m afraid it looks like all my blogging friends have got this one already, so it would seem that the buck stops with me.

7 Responses to “Musical baton”

    •  Gravatar for Jonty
    • From Jonty
    • Tuesday 17 May 2005 at 10:33

    Goodness me, how many more of these things am I going to read? hehe šŸ˜€

    Actually, Iā€™m writing this post on my new iMac

    Name dropper šŸ˜‰ So, how is it?

    Kind Regards

  1. It’s a bit damn shiny šŸ˜€

    I’m not quite used to the OS yet (I hadn’t realised before now how much I depend on all those keyboard shortcuts which only work in Windows and KDE) but it’s shaping up very nicely. Plus the case is just so damn sexy.

    All in all, win. Much win.

    •  Gravatar for Jonty
    • From Jonty
    • Tuesday 17 May 2005 at 12:09

    Glad you like it (especially given the price tag ;)). Is there a little app. which can translate Windows shortcuts to the Mac? The Mac has a Ctrl/Alt/’Mac’ keys like Windows-based keyboards and such?

    Kind Regards

  2. There might be, but I prefer to learn the actual Mac OS shortcuts instead.

    And yes, I have Ctrl, Alt, Shift and The Cloverleaf. Four meta-keys: I feel all speshul šŸ˜€

    •  Gravatar for jono
    • From jono
    • Wednesday 18 May 2005 at 09:08

    you have the same four meta-keys on the PC? just swap out the apple key for the windows key.

  3. Ah yes, there is that. However, the Mac seems to make far more extensive use of all of them (except possibly the Ctrl key, which doesn’t seem to get used quite as much as the other three).

    I’m actually starting to get used to more of the keyboard shortcuts now, and it can reasonably said there there exist an obscene number of them. For instance, Command+Shift+3 takes a screenshot and saves it to your desktop in PNG format, along with a little ‘click’ noise, while Command+Option+8 turns on the zoom (hardware-accelerated with automatic bilinear filtering, of course).

    So. Damn. Shiny!

  4. Fatty, you can completely customise the Mac keyboard shortcuts from System Preferences.

    Go to: System Preferences -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts Add shortcuts by clicking [+] and change existing shortcuts by doubleclicking the item.

    There’s also a way to edit shortcuts that don’t appear in the list, but Stevie can’t find it.