General life update

So, no blog posts in over a week: what’s happened of note recently and what’s slated to happen in the near future? In rough chronological order:

Well, brain-dump over. Until next time, kiddies.

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    • From Ben
    • Monday 20 June 2005 at 11:35

    Resources on AJAX are pretty scarce at the moment – as for ‘modern’ JavaScript in general really. It’s one of the problems Jeremy Keith drew attention to at @media. He’s got a URL (domscripting.com) which he wants to do something with in future, though at the moment it’s a placeholder for his book (which isn’t out yet). When his book does come out, buy it. In the mean time, Stuart Langridge has a new book out which is highly recommended by everyone I’ve spoken too. I can’t say I know for sure about how much specific AJAX it covers, but it should probably everything you need to stop hating JavaScript.

    My plan, when time arises, is to head along to one of the JavaScript meet-ups (optionally read as ‘piss up’) once I’ve got some grounding and then leech the knowledge of the more experienced).

    You could do well to hunt out one of the “Live Search” examples, there are a few. It’s a pretty simple operation but will cover all the bases of asynchronous page updating (requesting data, getting data, inserting data). Dunstan might have such a tutorial from when he last redesigned.

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    • From Meri
    • Monday 20 June 2005 at 18:15

    Simon tech-edited the book that Ben mentions — I’ve had a flick through his copy and it does look very worthwhile. Good place to start whilst the AJAX resources are starting up. I imagine if you have a look at stuff tagged with ajax in del.icio.us then you might find some cool stuff as well.

  1. I think Amazon knows that Simon helped out with that book: it’s offering me a link to “Browse our great selection of Special Offers or check out our Harry Potter store”…