Apple Mail identities

This is something I only recently (viz. yesterday) found out: thanks to Ran Aroussi and Justin French for posting about it, as otherwise I’d still have been in the dark. Hopefully writing about it will help give Google the hint that it’s kinda important.

It turns out that in Apple’s rather nice (but unimaginatively-named) Mail it’s possible to set up multiple mail identities for a single account: a somewhat useful feature when you have, say, an address which only forwards to another mailbox, such as my account with cantab.net (for Cambridge graduates only, don’t you know): a cantab.net address looks rather more impressive than a fatbusinessman.com address. Multiple identities can be achieved thus:

A comma-separated list of addresses in Apple Mail

Sadly, this feature is really not obvious, such that I had to ferret around on Google to find it. Maybe I’m being too technical for my own good, however: turns out that, in the help system, a search for “identities” returns nothing, a search for “aliases” returns something about .Mac but a search for “multiple addresses” returns exactly what I was looking for as the second result. Is this my stupidity, Mail help’s stupidity or a nice mix of both?

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