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Jeffrey ZeldmanWay back in the mists of this time last year, I was awarded £60 of book vouchers from my college for being a smart-arse git and getting a First. I waited until today to spend the first £25 worth of them. I bought a copy of the orange bible. I also have a book on loan from my dad which I’d prefer not to have to read but which should be useful for the job I might or might not be getting: a copy of Inside Windows 2000 Server.

Any recommendations for something to buy with my remaining £35 of book vouchers? I’m tempted by The Zen of CSS Design by Shea and Holzschlag in the hope that it might provide some inspiration for my perpetually imminent site redesign or possibly DHTML Utopia by Langridge. I could always do something really wacky and buy a book unrelated to web development, but where would be the fun in that?

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    •  Gravatar for Gilo
    • From Gilo
    • Wednesday 6 July 2005 at 22:48

    How about a work of literature, for a change? By literature I mean English (or similar) Literature, of course, not “web-or-other-computer-related” literature…

    Just a thought :)

  1. That depends on whether you just mean “a nice book to read” or one of these poncy “oh, it’s so deep and meaningful” books written by someone long dead. If you mean the former, I can get one of those for significantly less than £10, so I’d be wasting a book token. If you mean the latter, why on Earth would I want to do that?

  2. Web Development wise – I’ll prod Stevie to reply because he encouraged our new boss to buy a pile of web development books not long back. As well as Zeldman I also have Dan Cedarholmes yellow book, which is excellent. His new one is probably good too. I recon DHTML Utopia is well worth a look, though I’m not sure how much I’d use it given how little time I have for everything right now.

    Stevie can also recommend you some excellent books on ‘how to become a typography wanker’. They’re good too.

    •  Gravatar for Meri
    • From Meri
    • Monday 11 July 2005 at 15:14

    Are you happier with Javascript or CSS? That may well help decide between the two books you mention. Both are pretty damn good, but it depends on which you are more likely to read and action.