iSync logoAs one does from time to time, I just ran Software Update to check if there were any updates kicking around that I hadn’t received. I wasn’t expecting anything, but boy was I in for a surprise. See, Apple have very quietly (as in no word beforehand from Apple Insider or Mac Rumors) released iSync 2.1 with

…compatibility for more devices such as the latest Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic and Sony Ericsson phones.

Needless to say I checked their compatibility list to see which phones they now supported, most notably to see whether they now supported my recently-ordered Nokia 6680. They do. Hence when my lovely shiny new 6680 arrives I’ll be able to synchronise it wonderfully with my address book (hopefully also synchronising contact pictures, which are astoundingly useful) and my calendar. All wirelessly over Bluetooth, of course.

All I can say to this is “w00000000000000000000000000000t!”, the only possible downside being that I lose my Mac’s uptime, which in half an hour or so will be clocked at two weeks. I’ve never fully understood why people get so attached to their uptime, but that’s a matter for another post, as is Apple’s uncanny sense of timing when it comes to me purchasing new kit (see this previous post for another example).

Now I just have to wait for the phone to actually get delivered…

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