Jesus is great

Matt Mullenweg has the honour of being the first Google result for his first name. Molly Holzschlag has the same distinction. Elly held, for some time, the first result for syrup sponge (not to mention having a monopoly on the Flickr tag).

I, however, hold the first Google Images result for Jesus. Booyah.

(The image in question is from T-shirt Hell, by the way: I’m somewhat tempted to get the t-shirt, other than the fact that my last order from them got slapped with some pretty hefty import duty, not to mention intercontinental shipping being somewhat expensive already. Damn you, customs!)

2 Responses to “Jesus is great”

    •  Gravatar for Steven Marshall
    • From Steven Marshall
    • Tuesday 30 August 2005 at 19:00

    So you mean you aren’t my saviour? 😮

  1. Don’t worry Stevie, I’m still your saviour. Just keep up the monthly payments and salvation is yours!