Plan, spend, plan, spend…

My life has, of late, mainly involved two things: spending money (kinda fun, although somewhat expensive) and planning trips (rather less fun, mainly because I’m very bad at it). I think, however, that much of the really important planning is done, such that I’ll be able to get to America (transatlantic flights) and get between the different cities when I’m there (domestic US flights). I’m not going to get smacked by expensive medical bills (insurance) and I’m going to be able to take excessive numbers of photos (very shiny new camera). I’ve got accommodation sorted for most of my destination cities (although, crucially, not the first or second ones – something of a problem when I’m arriving in the former in five days).

From all this, I can draw two conclusions:

In spite of that, I’m feeling good about the trip: it’ll be good fun if I can actually think of something to do for each of the days I’m spending in each of the cities and actually get off my arse and book accommodation in Boston and Chicago.

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