The Great American Tour, part 1

Well, as promised, here’s a report on the more interesting points of my trip to America.

Firstly, the photos. The photos are now all uploaded to Flickr: you can either access them by city (Boston, Chicago, Philly, New York and Washington) or just view the whole lot. Secondly, internet access. Until I arrived in Philadelphia and checked my e-mail from the Inquirer offices, I had little to no access to my beloved internet beyond brief e-mail checks in my Chicago youth hostel. This is because the internet café, far from having the ubiquity that it has in other countries, is very difficult to find in the States, principally due to the blossoming phenomenon of wireless internet access. After all, why use some horrible, clunky, impersonal computer when you can sit back in your beloved Starbucks with your beloved latté and your beloved PowerBook? Of course, this doesn’t do the laptopless masses too much good: much as I’d love to cart my 20-inch iMac around America, that would be somewhere between impractical and ludicrous.

Moving on to specifics, the highlights from each city were:

For now, that is all. Expect the second half of this post in a couple of days where I plan to talk about these crazy Americans and their crazy culture, about why I love staying in America and how I learned to stop worrying and love the Queen.

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