CSS Reboot

As was perhaps to be expected (mainly due to spending a month in America) I shall no longer be participating in this November’s CSS Reboot. As it stands, I’m not going to be able to get my new theme up to a high enough standard in time for Tuesday. I’m afraid, therefore, that you will all have to put up with this theme (designed as a temporary theme back in 2004) for a little while longer.

Rest assured that a redesign is coming and that Jonty assures me it will rock.

One Response to “CSS Reboot”

  1. Long term temporary designs are the way forward, trust me.

    November 1st for me will mostly consist of a coursework evading game of ‘spot Ben’s CSS Reboot badges’. With 900 people signed up for the reboot, I reckon that’ll kill a few hours. I should probably pull the badge down from my own site…