On hold

As of now, this blog is officially in a temporary state of hiatus. I have a job to obtain, inspiration to seek out and a life out here in the post-university Real World to get up and running. The site MAY be up and running again by the New Year, SHOULD be up and running again by my birthday (February 19th) and MUST be up and running again in time for SXSWi. I may make the occasional post before then should something particularly interesting crop up, but I’m not making any promises there.

Again I stress that this is only a temporary matter: the site will return with a new design, a new host and possibly even some AJAX-y goodness into the bargain (although anyone caught mentioning the Buzzword Which Must Not Be Named will get a stern look and will be referred towards a certain mailbag which reflects my views).

In the meantime I will continue to update del.icio.us with interesting sites which catch my eye and Flickr with interesting sights which I catch with my camera (apologies for truly awful punnage there). As my current RSS client of choice is NewsFire and blo.gs appears still to be reeling from its acquisition by Yahoo!, those of you hoping to follow my blogrolling habits may be out of luck. All the best, and I shall return to the world of bloggery soon.

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