Separated by a common language

Cider glassThere are many differences between English and that language they speak in America: this has been documented sufficiently often that it would be superfluous to reiterate the more obvious nuances, despite the marvellously puerile humour of the word “pants”.

Sometimes, however, things just get too confusing, as this (American) comic amply demonstrates.

For those Americans who don’t understand, us crazy Limeys use ‘cider’ to refer to fermented apple juice; for those Europeans who don’t understand, those crazy Yanks use ‘cider’ to refer to, um, normal apple juice. I’m not sure which is greater: the potential tragedy of a Brit asking for cider in America and not getting his beloved liquor, or the potential hilarity of an American asking for ‘just a cider’ over here and getting unexpectedly trolleyed.

Aren’t languages wonderful?

4 Responses to “Separated by a common language”

    •  Gravatar for Trolletta
    • From Trolletta
    • Wednesday 4 January 2006 at 21:28

    In summary:

    We are right. They are wrong.

  1. In the interests of international relations, I shan’t comment on that. However, I think I can safely say that our cider is more fun 😀

    •  Gravatar for The Wife
    • From The Wife
    • Wednesday 11 January 2006 at 14:38

    The wife likes your blog.

  2. The husband is most pleased.