As you may have noticed, I would seem to have made the deadline and got my new site up and running with a minimum of trouble, although when WordPress runs in UTF-8 and most MySQL tools default to Latin-1, you’re entering a world of pain. It also doesn’t help when the timezone support in PHP (which is highly dodgy) and the timezone support in WordPress (which is even worse) conspire against you.

That said, there will beare some bugs in the site (in fact, I found and fixed one while writing this post). The known issues are as follows:

If you find a problem with the site which isn’t one of these, or if you just want to comment on the new design, please do let me know in the comments or via e-mail. Constructive criticism is very much welcomed, in fact even more so than comments along the lines of “Seriously matey, that rocks” (no points for identifying the source of that quote). The address is mail at FBM dot com.


I currently have a shedload of UTF-8 data sitting in a MySQL database marked as Latin-1. If I tell MySQL to mark the UTF-8 data as UTF-8, the WordPress–PHP Gestalt Of Death throws a tantrum and gives me encoding errors. WordPress apparently needs to have mis-identified data in its database.

It is safe to say that this does not make me happy.

6 Responses to “Redesign”

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    • From UnderTheBridge
    • Thursday 2 February 2006 at 08:38

    omg yr site is broken. it aint even workin proper like in ie. dats so silly. every1 xcept gks nos ie is da best.

  1. Yeah, thanks Ed. You know, if you’re going to post from your own IP address, you might as well use your own name as well…

  2. Nice work Fatty, congrats on the relaunch.

    One bug to report: In Firefox 1.5/Win, the comment text area is pulling the 100%-width trick and causing horizontal scrolling.

  3. And in IE your “allowed tags” section is way off to the right – I assume this isn’t intentional.

  4. And it looks like there’s a bug in whether it displays the details of the person making a comment – I gave my details for the last one. Jo

  5. Not displaying comment information is very strange, since the choice of theme shouldn’t affect that in the slightest: the details should just be passed straight to the WordPress core. Weird…