Alive and working

As you can probably see, I haven’t updated this blog in far, far too long: just in excess of six weeks, in fact. There is a reason for this. As most of my close friends and fellow Listers – that probably accounts for most of the people who read this blog – may know, I’ve started my new job, working for a company called Torchbox, toddling off to Oxford in mid-April to friendly cries of “Judas!” from my Cambridge-based friends.

As I have spent most of my time between then and now either working, pursuing accommodation or getting to know my new colleagues (with the aid of the odd beer festival here and there), this hasn’t left very much time for blogging, especially as my new house doesn’t have wireless internet access… yet.

Rest assured though, dear reader, that this blog is, while perhaps not particularly well, still very much alive and likely to remain so. I may write up a slightly fuller account of my experiences with the new job in due course, or I may just talk about the first really geeky thing which catches my eye. This may well be Django, as and when I get the opportunity to have a play with it; it may be something entirely different. Wait and see.

Oh, and I have a Mac mini at work: it’s highly gorgeous.

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    Post more news!