Pass the asparagus (part 2)

As I mentioned in my previous post on this subject, my employment with Torchbox is no more and this has had a rather profound effect on what I’m going to be doing for the next few months. I was originally intending to put up a post here detailing my plans: indeed I foolishly committed to doing so. That hasn’t happened.

I have also been planning to write a post detailing how pointless it can be to make nebulous long-term plans, especially when in such a volatile situation. This has been through several drafts, but ultimately sounded a little too grandiose for its own good and so hasn’t happened either.

So, assuming these were bad ideas for things to write, what’s a good idea? Well, there’s what I’ve been doing this past month. Which, from a certain way of thinking about it, is almost what I was originally planning on writing about, just from the perspective of having done it instead of the perspective of being about to do it.

Aside from that, I do have a few things planned over the next couple of months, but – with the exception of a few geek meet-ups and web conferences, most of which are likely to be listed on my Upcoming profile – you’ll know about them when I’ve done them.

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