Since December 4th I have had a job. My employer is a company based in Cambridge by the name of Hyperspheric Solutions.

Since November 2nd I have had an Xbox 360. My Gamertag is FatBusinessman.

Since August 19th I have had a girlfriend. Her name is Jo Anslow.

Since the winter of 2002 (and perhaps even before then) I have had depression.

The job helps make the depression easier. The Xbox 360 helps make the job and the depression easier. The girlfriend also helps make the job and the depression easier, but tends to leave the Xbox 360 alone. The depression is, by and large, distinctly unhelpful.

(Anything people want to say to me privately can be sent to the usual address: blog at fatbusinessman dot com.)

3 Responses to “Since…”

  1. I think I must be the only web designer whose partner doesn’t have her own blog… :(

  2. Potentially, although does that say more about web designers or people who like to go out with web designers?

  3. Never fear Matthew, my girlfriend doesn’t have a blog – infact she’s a computer novice!

    FatBusinessman – I really like the way this post is written, it is true that girlfriends are a games consoles enemy :)