SXSW Part 1: Rejuvenation

When I was in the process of applying for my current job (back at the tail end of last year), Jo mentioned to me that I would get home at the end of the day and not want to face staring at another computer screen.

Knowing quite how much of a geek I am, we both shared a good laugh over this. It was funny until it – or at least something in the same vein – started happening. I had about enough time, energy and concentration to catch up on my feeds and e-mails, and of course Gears of War, but out-of-hours web development has pretty much fallen by the wayside. Nowhere has this been more evident than here on my blog.

Enter South by Southwest. Being around geeks, discussing, lauding and celebrating all things geek has done wonders, even after two days, for my enthusiasm. The “taking a holiday” part of it doesn’t hurt either. The net result of this is that I spend most of my day feeling enthusiastic, proud of what I am and what I do, and glad to be alive. This is a big deal.

In order to prevent this from fading away the moment I return to the UK, I’m signing up to Anton Peck’s Project 52 initiative, pledging to post at least once a week between now (or, more accurately, the Monday after next) and next year’s SXSW.

You never know, I might even make it as far as starting a redesign…

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