Four Things

(a.k.a. Yet Another Damn Meme)

Having been passed by Ben what I can only refer to as a quadriphilic baton, here we go.

Four jobs I’ve had in my life

Four films I can watch over and over

Four TV shows I love to watch

Actually, I don’t watch any TV to speak of. Next question.

Four places I have lived

When I get a job, it will not be in Cambridge.

Four places I have been on holiday

All within one month: I may have mentioned this at a previous juncture.

Four of my favourite dishes

Four websites I visit daily

Four places I would rather be right now

Four bloggers I’m tagging

Well crap, it looks like most people have already felt the touch of the quadriphilic baton. Well, I’m going to have to go for a mere two: Elly (once she’s got her internet connection set up) and Meri.

4 Responses to “Four Things”

  1. ‘Steak, cooked just enough so that it stops bleeding.’ Is there any other way?!

    I can see enjoying SXSWi being a meating of minds in the steak capital of the world…

  2. There are some peculiar people who prefer meat to be cooked right through so that there’s nary a trace of pink left in it. Apparently something to do with “health”.

    Oh, and “meating of minds” is an awful joke, even by your standards.

    •  Gravatar for Jo
    • From Jo
    • Friday 27 January 2006 at 00:03

    Some people also like their food to be cooked through on the basis of what it tastes like, rather than, or in combination with, the health issues.

  3. I like my food to taste of blood! Blood, I tells ya! Blood!